Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Speaking at Dallas Oracle Users Group(DOUG) on July 24, 2014

I will be speaking at the Dallas Oracle Users Group - DOUG on July 24, 2014. Please come and learn about Exadata and ZFS upgrades!

Here is the information about the presentation below.

Exadata is one of Oracle's flagship engineered systemsand the ZFS Storage appliance is a premier storage system and keeping them both healthy and up to date can be easily achieved by upgrading and patching. Ultimately you can save on thousands of dollars on overall support costs, avoid unplanned downtime, software bugs and also take advantage of new features by ensuring you have a regular schedule to patch your Exadata and ZFS systems. It is a common impression that patching the Exadata and ZFS platform is complicated and thorough however you can learn about the process and we can help you to understand it and upgrade with minimal downtime with quick efficient methods. We will discuss strategies to upgrading the Exadata full stack and ZFS to mitigate risk and reduce downtime, we will show you how to avoid mistakes and best practices to implement and plan your upgrades. We will also share a detailed case study of one customer for a large fortune 500 healthcare supply chain company who did not upgrade their Exadata and ZFS for almost 3 years and how we upgraded it flawlessly with zero issues post-upgrade

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