Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Dallas Oracle Users Group - Presenting "Oracle Dataguard Deep Dive"

I am very excited and honored to be presenting at the Dallas Oracle Users Group soon on Sept 22, 2016. The topic is "Oracle Dataguard Deep Dive". Session details below.

To RSVP for this meeting:  http://www.doug.org/calendar.html#id=10163&cid=538&wid=201&type=Cal

Texas State Government Facility (education-related)
- Use building Entrance C on SE side
Dallas Room – 1st floor
400 East Spring Valley Road
Richardson, Texas, 75081

Presentation Details
Oracle Data Guard Deep Dive
Ensuring your business continuity for critical production databases is of paramount importance. Oracle Data Guard offers high available synchronization and reporting of your primary database. Oracle Data Guard is the most comprehensive solution available to eliminate single points of failure for mission critical Oracle Databases. It prevents data loss and downtime in the simplest and most economical manner by maintaining a synchronized physical replica of a production database at a remote location. If the production database is unavailable for any reason, client connections can quickly, and in some configurations transparently, fail-over to the synchronized replica to restore service. We will go through explaining Data Guard concepts, several new features in 12c such as Far/Fast sync, learn about Data Guard single instance and RAC setup step-by-step, configuration, broker setup and monitoring, and even tips on automating the complete setup.  This presentation will be very useful for someone who wants to take a deep dive into Data Guard or even refresh their skills.


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