Friday, March 17, 2017

How to backup the Oracle Supercluster M7 system?

Backing up the Oracle Supercluster M7 system is critical a task that should completed upon the system deployment. Having a good backup & recovery plan is a vital standard practice that is of utmost importance. I highly recommend that any backup/recovery plan always be tested on a regular basis to ensure it is working for your system environment.

Oracle Solaris has provided a tool that will backup & restore critical components of an Oracle Supercluster back together again. The osc-config-backup tool make the process of backing up the SuperCluster component configurations simple. The backup data is then stored on the internal ZFS storage appliance that is on the Supercluster system.

The following a link to the Supercluster M7 osc-config-backup tool link and an Oracle Support note with more details on the tool.

How To Back Up the Oracle SuperCluster Configuration with osc-config-backup (Doc ID 1934129.1)

Currently the osc-config-backup tool is supported on the Oracle SuperCluster M7 and Oracle SuperCluster T5-8.

The following SuperCluster components are backed up by osc-config-backup:
·       Domains – Configuration, ZFS pools (rpool, bpool if present, and u01-pool for Database Domains)
·       Oracle Solaris zones – Configuration, ZFS pools (rpool and u01-pool for Database Zones)
·       IB switches – Configuration
·       Ethernet management switch – Configuration
·       ZFS storage appliance – Configuration
·       SuperCluster – Configuration information ( file)
·       Service Processor – Configuration
·       Explorer – Data from each Database and Application Domain

Please note: Data located outside the rpool and u01-pool zpools in zones and domains is not backed up by osc-config-backup

You still should do regular file system level backups as you would any other system to backup other critical filesystems and their contents. Any file level backup tool that you would use to back up any other system should suffice.

Finally, to recover from the backup from the tool. Please refer to the following Oracle Support note.

How To Recover SuperCluster Components that were Backed Up with osc-config-backup (Doc ID 1934130.1)

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