Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Oracle 12c in Memory option

Finally an In-Memory Option in the Oracle RDBMS Database software. At this years Oracle Open World 2013 Larry Ellison talked about a new upcoming feature for Oracle Database 12c – the in-memory database option – that’s going to allow simultaneous row-level storage (just like we’ve always stored data) and column-level storage (essentially as an in-memory object structure) which will make the need for non-selective, non-PK indexes irrelevant.
This new feature will be quite simple to implement; all we’ll need to do is set a new initialization parameter (inmemory_size) to the appropriate size based on the available memory on your server. During Larry Demo query performance improvement peaked at 1390X for several Billion rows queried! This looks like it may give Exadata some competition, this remains to be seen.
  • Feature can be used on Traditional Database Servers.
  • 100X Faster Queries: Real-Time Analytics
  • Get near Instantaneous query results
  • Querying OLTP database or datawarehouse 
  • 2X Increase Updates and Deletes
  • Insert rows 3X to 4X faster 
  • Join tables up to 10x faster
  • Data stored in BOTH row and column format 
  • Less Tuning and Indexes required 
  • No SQL or Application changes

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